Brief Summary of TPEC 2019

Keynote Speakers: Dr. Wei-Jen Lee, Dr. Tim Davis, Mr. Don Morrow

Statistics: 220 Attendees in total (30 from Industry, 23 Faculties, and 167 Student and 3 speakers)                 

127 Paper Submitted ( 76 accepted, of which 72 were presented) 


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Brief Summary of TPEC 2018

Keynote Speakers: Dr. James Weber, Dr. Prasad Enjeti, Dr. David Levett, Mr. Gary Miller

Statistics: 157 Attendees in total (10 from Industry, 25 Faculties, and 116 Student and 6 speakers)


                  151 Paper Submitted ( 100 accepted, of which 78 were scheduled for the presentations) 


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